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Biography & On-Campus Accomplishments

Taking a professional and entrepreneurial approach to being a musician and composer, Nathan Drube has literally put meaning to the phrase, "if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing." Eight years after picking up a guitar for the first time and riffing on a few Sum 41 songs, Nathan has never looked back and continues to explore and conquer new and different genres for visual media and performing arts. Starting out from playing metal guitar, he has composed pieces for action film, horror film, jazz orchestra and even chamber string and woodwind pieces that include live electronics. Having organized and conducted three of the largest student run recording sessions, featuring an orchestra, at Berklee College of Music, he has proven his ability to have a vision and make it a reality.

Currently a student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and on track to graduating, Nathan has taken full advantage of the opportunities available to him. During this last year, he has been involved in a host of projects. Nathan was one of fifteen students selected to be a contestant in the first ever Berklee-Fusion Scorathon. Within twenty-four hour lock-in in the Berklee media lab, he successfully composed and produced a score for the trailer for Fusion’s “Outpost” series. He was also contracted by composer Ayatey Shabazz to produce and record a concert band for his original scores. They had a successful session at Futura Studios in Boston with Nathan as the conductor for the 32 member concert band. Nathan has also been responsible for three film scoring sessions for student projects at Berklee. He was able to compose, conduct, and organize the recording sessions that consisted of several twenty-four to forty member orchestras. He has also been hired as an assistant by East Coast Scoring for their film scoring sessions at the WGBH Studio in Boston. One of Nathan’s string quartets was also selected to be performed by the Videri String Quartet to live gameplay footage.

Nathan is currently in the process of creating a short film, in conjunction with the Berklee Fund, that gives an inside look into accomplishing a large composition and recording process here at Berklee as a student. This video is being made in the hopes that our story will inspire others to make a gift to the Berklee Fund to support opportunities and collaborations like this for current and future students. During this project, Nathan had coordinated efforts with the composition department, film scoring department, jazz composition department, and the music production and engineering department. We had forty-two musicians, sixteen music production and engineering majors, a band supervisor and a videographer. He then had the opportunity to travel to France for a session of Mix with the Masters with 23-time Grammy Award winner Al Schmitt. At this session I represented Berklee and showcased the piece that we recorded for this project. Below is a web-link to a page that is under construction by the Berklee Fund that they will use to showcase this project to potential donors.

As far has Nathan’s concert composition music is concerned, he has had six performances of his chamber music this year. The pieces performed include: “Beaux Yeux” – Piano Trio in a romantic style, “Calm of the Storm” – Contemporary String Quartet, “After Sundown” – Minimalist piece for Flute and Piano, "The Old Ones of the Sea” – Post-Romantic piece for Flute, Clarinet, Classical Guitar, Violin and Piano, “Reverie” – Minimalist piece for String Quartet performed by the Semiosis Quartet, and “Going Home” – Avant Garde piece for three violas, four cellos, piano, and synthesizer. Nathan is currently working on a contemporary classical album titled “Tonalism” and he is also working on his first symphony that will be titled “The Theory of Everything” (not affiliated with the film).

Prior to attending Berklee, Nathan had a very unique musical foundation. Growing up in south Mississippi, he grew up in a non-musical environment. Always drawn to music though, he began playing a variety of different instruments. This included drum kit, bass guitar, electric guitar, flute and piano.  His most proficient instrument becoming the guitar, he then took private guitar and music theory lesson under David Knorr at the age of 16. After graduating high school in 2009, he then enrolled in Berklee’s Online School, where he earned a certificate in Orchestration for Film and TV, under the study of composer Ben Newhouse. Afterwards, he decided to study music engineering and earned two official Avid Certifications as an Expert in music production and post-production by attending classes in Nashville and New York City. Nathan then set out to start his own recording company along the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida gulf-coast that specialized in on location orchestral recording in 2011. He successfully owned and operated this business for one year. During the years of 2009-2011, Nathan had applied to a few music colleges in the hopes of studying composition. After auditioning and being turned down by Berklee College of Music twice, he auditioned a third time and they allowed him to come for a summer semester as a provisional student, to see if he would be able to handle the studies at the college. Since being officially accepted in as a student to Berklee in 2012. Since then, he has declared a duel major in Film Scoring and Composition. He has been awarded the John Bavicchi Memorial Prize scholarship, which is the highest prize given out to one student by the Composition Department. He has also been awarded a Berklee Achievement Scholarship for his academic achievements and has also retained his position on the Dean’s List since his first semester.

Nathan is currently on track to graduate in the spring semester of 2016, with degrees in Film Scoring and Composition. He plans on finishing his first symphony and first album by that time. Afterwards, he plans on moving to Las Angeles to continue his education and work as a freelance composer


Berklee Fund “Student Experience” page – Jazz Orchestra Recording link: