And so we begin... Xantara

I am proud to announce, in my first blog post, that I am now the composer for the webcomic/video game XANTARA! On this project I am working with the amazing Olga Andreyeva. She is wonderful artist and illustrator and so far she has done all of the work in XANTARA, including the game programming. Check out the comic and games at the following link and also you should check out the rest of Olga's portfolio!


I met Olga at Playcrafting Boston at Microsoft in Cambridge, MA this past June. After walking around the floor for about an hour, I was immediately drawn to her booth by the artwork from Xantara (which is at the top of this blog). We got to chatting and she expressed that she would be interested in collaborating with me for the music for the comic/game. I immediately went home and started working on a demo. I read all of the chapters that she had already published online and played the games as well. I was very inspired by her illustrations and her story. About a week later I finished the demo track and sent it to Olga. I happy to say she really liked the demo and I have been working on the project since.


Moving Forward

From here, I talked with Olga about what kind of music she will need next. We already have a main theme and I am currently composing two themes for the main characters Elin and Keira. We also discussed music for any nightmare sequences Elin may have in the future. 

I am very proud to be a part of this project. As a musician, and someone without any illustration technique, I am always impressed by good artwork and I really dig Olga's style. Her art style and color choices originally drew me to her work, but soon I became a fan of the story and characters she had created. Her work has a fantasy/ sci-fi element that I find really captivating. I am looking forward to seeing the future of Olga's engaging creation that is Xantara, and continuing to compose music for a project that is unfolding into a vast and vibrant world. 

In my next blog I will explain more about the original demo I sent to Olga and how it has developed into the main theme for Xantara! 




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